SIGNATURE DISHES [Exclusive Dining In Menu]
Below are the Jaflong's Signature dishes, exclusive to our restaurant. The Signature menu is inspired by Indian cuisine from all regions of India and Bangladesh, as well as contemporary indian cooking styles put together by our Chef . These dishes are dining in only.
  • Bahari Jhinga Takari Fresh tiger prawns, half de-shelled, marinated in olive oil, lime juice, garam masala, garlic and ginger paste, then cooked with curry leaves and panch puran creating a delight for the taste buds served medium to hot.
  • Lamb Shank Fusion (on the bone) Shanks of prime New Zealand lamb, slow cooked and served in a sauce of your choice. Eg. Bhuna, Jalfrezi.
  • Bollywood Lamb Shank A Jaflong signature house. A beautiful combination of on the bone lamb shank tossed in a mixture of aromatic ground spices, gently cooked with minced meat and boiled egg. An absolutely delicious dish. Medium.
  • Jaflong Shera Cocktail Cocktail of barbecued chicken, lamb & king prawn cooked in an abundance of onions, tumeric, garlic massala served in a bhuna sauce. Medium.
  • Sylheti Hash Boneless pieces of marinated duck, garnished with chunky pieces of fresh capsicums, onions and green chillies in a hot spicy chilli sauce, then cooked in a moist consistency with natural herbs and spices. A warm welcoming dish served semi dry. Slightly hot.
  • Modhu Minty Lamb Aloo Tender chunks of lamb infused with honey, sweet mango and fresh garden mint, then slowly cooked with baby potatoes in a medium thick sauce. Mild.
  • Kebab-E-Laziz A Jaflong created dish cooked in an apna style, Marinated selection of skewered kebab, garnished with fresh minced lamb, a highly recommended dish for kebab lovers. Slightly hot.
  • Machley Jhol Tender fillet of salmon cooked two ways resting on tender mooli and sautéed in turmeric drizzled with a spicy Bengali tomato and coriander broth. A true Bengal delicacy. Medium.
  • Capsikana Roast (Lamb or Chicken) A very popular signature fusion dish. Cooked with roasted pieces of lamb or chicken tikka, fried onions, garam massala and a large quantity of capsicum in a slightly thick sauce, garnished with coriander. Medium.
  • Murgh Shahi Tukra A dish of Moghul Origin, Half chicken roasted with a savoury filling, spiced boiled egg served with pilau rice, accompanied by a chefs special sauce. Medium.
  • Nawab-ki-Shash A delicacy of the Nawabs, tender breast Chicken Grilled with Capsicum, Onions, tomatoes, all garnished in a thick specially spiced Bhuna Sauce. Medium.



The cuisine of South Asia is explored by our chefs, allowing you to experience tastes and techniques covering thousands of miles, resulting from years of perfecting.


Both traditional styles of cooking and modern flair are celebrated within our menu allowing us to offer classic dishes to satisfy and innovative meals to thrill.
Our chefs have drawn from their clever passion for food to create several contemporary and quite simply, mouth-watering dishes, ensuring the Jaflong is a culinary success.

At Jaflong we are happy to meet our customer requirements,
and will cook to a taste that satisfies your palate and we are always open
to customer suggestion and variations.



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